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Property Management Fees and Services

We provide both a casual letting service and a full property management service and our Property Management Fees and Services are detailed below.

We don't have any hidden charges, everything is up front and we don't charge you in 15 minute increments every time we need to do something for you or your property.

Property Management Services

DescriptionStandard ManagementPremium Management
Rental appraisals box tick box tick
Management fee 7.95 % 8.95 %
Repairs and Maintenance Fee 7.95 % of invoice 7.95% of invoice
Routine inspection fee $ 40 box tick
Comprehensive INGOING inspection $ 75 box tick
Comprehensive OUTGOING inspection $ 75 box tick
Fixed term tenancy renewal fee box tick box tick
Credit check for new tenant(s) $ 20 per tenant checked $ 20 per tenant checked
Tribunal attendance & evictions $ 20 per hour (+ application fee of $21) $ 20 per hour (+ application fee of $21)
Insurance claim fee $ 20
$ 20
Furniture inventory fee $ 100 flat fee $ 100 flat fee
Financial year end summary fee box tick box tick
Bond Collection and Management box tick box tick
Comprehensive digital photo storage box tick box tick
TradeMe listing fee $ 60 per property $ 60 per property
Letting fee $ 250 +GST $ 250 +GST
Methamphetamine testing $ 110 per test $ 110 per test
Rent review fee box tick box tick
Postage and petties box tick box tick

box tick means its included!

Please note that some prices are set by an external party and may change without notice.



Casual Letting Services

TenantFind fee $ 750 +GST
TradeMe Advertising, Internet advertising on Harcourts, MyMove and RealEstate.co.nz (until let)  $ 60
Credit and identity checks $ 20 per tenant checked
Reference checking box tick
Bond collection and management box tick
Rental advice box tick

box tick means its included!

Please note that some prices are set by an external party and may change without notice.


Owners with Multiple Properties to Rent

A reduced commission rate is available for owners with multiple properties managed by us. If you have 3 or more properties, we will manage those for you for a management fee of just 7%. Please contact us for further information.

Additional and Optional Services

Additional services such as chimney cleaning, gutter cleaning and print advertising are charged at cost. This is because the charge for these services differs according to conditions such as height of the building, number of stories or the size of the printed advertisement.

Monthly statements and payments

We provide monthly financial statements, detailing rents collected and payments made on your behalf. These are electronically sent to you on the first working day of each month.

All original receipts are kept on file at our office and a scanned copy with be included with your financial statement. Invoices received by MyMove on your behalf will be deducted from the rent collected and our agreed management fees applied. Disbursements are then deposited into your bank account/s through online banking that same evening.

As a general rule of thumb, you should see payment into your bank account somewhere between the 2nd and 5th of each month, depending upon public holiday’s.

Annual statements for the previous year are produced and emailed to you in the first week of April each year.

Please note that trust based accounting regulations do not allow us to run your account with a negative balance. If your expenses exceed your income in any month, you may be asked to cover any outstanding balances.

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