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We live in a region of outstanding beauty, carved from the rocks of ages past. However, that beauty comes at a price with a very real risk of earthquakes, floods, landslides, storms, tsunamis and volcanoes. For example, the main alpine fault, which extends along the ridge of the South Island of New Zealand from Marlborough Sounds all the way down to the Milford Sounds, passes within 35km of Nelson and is widely regarded as the most likely fault to rupture within our lifetimes.

Disasters can strike at any time, sometimes without warning. All disasters have the potential to cause disruption, damage property and take lives.

The 2010/11 earthquakes of Canterbury certainly focused the mind in considering the range of natural disasters that could affect us in our daily lives.

We highly recommend that you read through the Get Ready, Get Thru website and develop a plan for surviving natural disasters. Get Ready, Get Thru is available in English |  简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) |  繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) | हिन्दी (Hindi) |  한국어 (Korean) |  Te Reo Māori |  Gagana Sāmoa |  Lea Faka-Tonga |  عربي (Arabic)

A copy of the Household Emergency Checklist and Plan will have been provided in your Tenancy Pack. Please take the time to fill out this document and develop a plan.

Disaster Recovery

At MyMove Property Management, we have in place a disaster recovery plan to assist you in times of Civil disaster. However, it is likely that at we may not be able to immediately assist you as we, our contractors and our property owners are likely to be caught up in the same disaster as yourselves if it occurs over a medium to large geographic region. Because of this, it is widely accepted from a Government perspective, that you must be able to look after yourselves for at least three days following a natural disaster.

Communications networks failed within about 15 minutes of the earthquake in Canterbury. Televisions were reporting the damage however for many tenants of Christchurch, it was days or weeks before they could see what had happened in their own city.

Can I leave my tenancy?

Your tenancy is covered under the Residential Tenancies Act. You may terminate your tenancy with three (3) days notice if it has been certified by a structural engineer as uninhabitable or if the property has been "Red Stickered" by the emergency services. Likewise, your Landlord can terminate your tenancy with seven (7) days notice under the same conditions.

Otherwise, if you are on a periodic tenancy, you can give 21 days notice of your intention to vacate. If you are under a fixed tenancy, then you should contact us and we will assess your situation to see if we can help.

Under no circumstances should you stop paying your rent as this is an unlawful act under the Residential Tenancies Act.

Please note that loss of essential services such as water, electricity and sewage does not necessarily make the property uninhabitable. If services to your home are disrupted in a large scale disaster, such as an earthquake, it is more than likely that everyone else in your neighbourhood is living under the same conditions.