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Ending Management

Here at MyMove, our goal is to create customers for life. However, at some point in time, you will probably want to take the property back from us ending management. We won't take it personally, but it will be sad to see you go.

Your circumstances have probably changed a lot since we took on your property; the kids have grown up and moved on, you may have decided to change your investment strategy, maybe you were an "accidental landlord" with a property you couldn't sell or perhaps you have decided to change the property for another one.

In any case, we'd be only too happy to help in whatever way we can. Please remember that we are part of the largest Real Estate companies in New Zealand and it would be our pleasure to refer you to one of our sales consultants.

There are a number of steps we need to go through to make sure that the termination of management is completed with the minimum of fuss. For example, if your property is currently tenanted, we will need to give the tenants notice of your intentions and we will also have to notify the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment if you are transferring the management.

The Residential Tenancies act stipulates the minimum number of days that are required to give notice before a tenancy can be terminated. This period varies depending upon the circumstances as well as when and how the notice has been delivered to the tenants.

In all instances, it is imperative that you contact us as soon as you make your decision so that we can advise you on your notice periods and if necessary begin proceedings with the tenants.