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Q&A: The Residential Tenancies Regulations

Residential Tenancies Regulations 

Changes to tenancy laws aim to make homes warmer, drier and safer for hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders without imposing excessive bureaucracy or cost. If you have rented a residential property or been a renter of a  property in the past, there are new regulations which you may not be aware of to ensure that the property you are supplying meets a number of minimum standards.

These regulations require that:

  • all rental properties have smoke alarms;
  • all new tenancy agreements require a healthy homes certificate;
  • all tenancies require a copy of the insurance certificate where the property is insured;
  • any replacement or installation of insulation in a rental property meets the required standard; and
  • all rental properties have underfloor and ceiling insulation meeting the required standard where it can practically be installed. 

You can read more about these at the Tenancy Services Website.